Shiny Dixit Biography is a novel written by Ankit Bedi. This novel is dedicated to the late superstar Ravi Naik. The book has an interesting story line with a lot of suspense. It is the story of how Shiny was introduced into the film industry. This was done by a talented screenwriter, who had previously worked on movies like Happy Ending and The Pink Panther. He also had a stint in the theatre and plays in films like Ayesha and Rajiv Gandhi.
The interesting plot is about how Shiny was introduced into the film industry and what she had to face when it came to working with a superstar like Ravi Naik. The writer uses a mix of real life events, historical figures and also fictional stories to write a novel that is highly suspenseful and exciting. The novel revolves around the character of Shiny, who is played by Anuj Kapoor.