The Baby Monitor vtech vm342 Digital Video Infant Monitors with 2 cameras and automatic night vision allows you to see and hear your baby in any room with a clear view of the nursery. With a clear, full-color image on a large monitor, you can see every sigh and smile, and two-way talk-back lets you soothe your baby before bedtime so you can keep an eye on him or her. The cameras automatically identify low light conditions, allowing for night vision, and also let you hear your baby as well as see his or her heart rate. This is made even easier by the ability to program a specific time that you can be at your computer and watch the monitor with your baby.

The Vtech Baby Monitor vm342-2 Digital Video Infant Monitor comes with a remote control that lets you program your monitor to turn on for certain hours of the day. This lets you keep an eye on your baby in the morning or at night. A digital video camera will automatically detect low lighting and allow for night vision, so, you will be able to watch your baby even if the lights are off. The monitor is designed to give you a clear picture of your baby without using an external light. This will make it easier for you to watch them when they sleep, even if there is no external lighting. You can adjust the contrast and brightness, as well as the color and clarity of the display.

Vtech has a very proud history of producing quality products. Their monitors have always been designed around the needs of a new mother and baby. Their Baby Mamas series of monitors is one of the most popular. They have taken care to design a monitor that not only looks good but helps to make sure that your little ones are safe. While it may be tempting to look into buying a cheaper monitor, that may not always be the best idea. For example, some of these monitors are not designed well enough to provide proper protection for your baby.