The first everyday objects which utilized heating technology were electric blankets, invented in 1912 by Sidney Russell. The concept did not gain much popularity but later was extended to the form of the blanket controlled by a set of thermostats. It was done in 1930 by George C. Crowley and developed further over the century. In 2001, the first heated jacket was produced by MET5. To know more check this out … es-it-work. It has set a landmark in the further evolution of heating apparel, although it was not exactly popular among the broad customer base due to its high price — over $500 at the time. And it’s worth knowing that back at the beginning of the twenty-first century, it was a lot more money than today. Most jackets and vests mostly use electricity for heating. But it’s not the only technology available on the market — there are also chemical and “stored heat” versions. Let’s flip through them all. Typically, this method provides several hours of permanent warmth, which is, unfortunately, not very high and can be insufficient in harsh winter conditions.